Economic Analysis of Hospital in the Home – New research released by The HITH Society & Deloitte Access Economics

Finally the word is out. Newspaper headlines are screaming Switch to Home Care ‘Could Save Millions’ and Healthy Savings in Care at Home.

This wave of publicity about the economic benefits of HITH follows the release of an economic analysis of Hospital in the Home by the HITH Society of Australasia.

The research report, compiled by Deloitte Access Economics, found savings of up to 32 per cent to treat patients at home rather than in public hospital wards.

Talking to the Australian Associated Press, HITH Society President Gideon Caplan said,”The study shows there’s a lot of money that can be saved by treating people at home and it also frees up beds so people needing beds can get into hospital, taking the pressure off emergency departments.”

“People say in the future maybe hospitals will only be intensive care and operating theatres and other things can be treated at home.”

“That may be 20, 30 or 40 years in the future but there’s certainly more potential to treat people in this way.”

This is certainly exciting news for all of us involved in HITH services.

For more information on the Deloitte Access Economics: Economic Analysis of Hospital in the Home, contact the HITH Society.

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