Improving the Patient Experience

There are so many benefits of HITH that we get excited about; the economics, the clinical outcomes, the professional opportunities; but at the end of the day the enhanced patient experience is one of the most rewarding.

Not all of us have direct contact with patients to see this first hand, so when this story was submitted to our website by a recent patient, we just had to share it with you:

My story begins with a fall. I am in my early fifties, fit and healthy and don’t have any medical problems -I haven’t even broken a bone before. But this time I wasn’t so lucky. Falling down seven steps onto concrete resulted in a fractured ulna and shattered radius. A prosthetic radial head and a metal plate to secure the fracture of the ulna were installed by my surgeon. All was going well untill two weeks into recovery a staph infection developed at the surgical site (unlucky again). A surgical flush was followed by another stint in hospital on iv. I was not looking forward to the six weeks forecast to be on iv antibiotics to control the infection.

Thank goodness for the Baxter Infusor. I have been home for two weeks now and the infusor is working well. A community nurse calls each morning and changes the infusor daily and the surgical dressing as required, My local hospital also calls each day to ensure everything is OK. Apart from one minor blockage the infusor has worked brilliantly, infusing 8000mg of flucloxaccilin per day.

Having one’s independence, being in the home environment and having the mobility that a regular iv prohibits has been fantastic. I have learnt a few ways to make life being attached to an iv easier. I have a hook on my mesh bag so I can hang the infusor wherever I am – shower head, bedside table etc. When I am out I carry my infusor in a satchel bag; hardly noticeable. Also, I have purchased some latex arm covers from the chemist that make showering much easier – I can put these on myself and have had no problems with them leaking and ending up with wet bandages – much better than plastic bags and tape.

I have been able to go shopping, to the movies, cafes and visit my friends and relatives. Life is not back to normal and I still have some healing to go, but it sure beats being in hospital for an extended period. I am sure being at home will contribute to a speedy and potentially full recovery.