The Baxter Advantage

As a provider to HITH, Baxter is privileged to contribute to the day-to-day provision of HITH services and many patient journeys.

Baxter’s ambulatory medical pumps were designed with home antibiotic treatment in mind. The elastomeric Infusor offers the ultimate convenience for eligible patients as it is light, portable, noiseless and allows patients to return to their normal daily life.

The Baxter Infusor delivers a no-compromise intravenous (IV) antibiotic formulation, via continuous infusion over a 24 h period, customised to individual patient requirements and available in the comfort of his or her own home.


This next generation medical device allows HITH HCPs to treat more patients, by reducing the number of required daily visits to the patient, and represents a simple and cost effective healthcare solution when compared to electromechanical pumps.


Baxter has a vast network of TGA/Medsafe certified sterile compounding facilities located across Australia and New Zealand. We are committed to assisting HITH HCPs deliver best practice care to patients and utilise barcode scanner technology to ensure patient requirements are fulfilled. A seven-day supply of Infusors, customised for each patient, can be rapidly delivered to fulfil HITH service requirements.